At Shift, Used Car Prices that Bare it All

cargurus x shift

When you’re buying a car, you want to know exactly how much you’re paying and whether you’re getting a deal. Both of those things are a lot easier with two new updates to Shift’s vehicle pages: a market comparison tool from CarGurus and an improved price calculator.Find a car and see the updates

CarGurus used car price comparison tool

We used to calculate the average dealer price for similar cars in your region and show you the difference between that and Shift’s price. Through your feedback, you told us that it would be nice to have some external validation of that.

cargurus pricing used car prices

CarGurus is a leading website for used car listings nationwide. For every car that’s listed, they have a meter to quickly show how good a deal it is compared to other cars on the market. We’re so confident that you’ll get a good deal at Shift that we’ve added that meter to every car we list. To see it, just click “Compare Shift’s price” on the vehicle page.

Total transparency with out-the-door prices

Finding out a car’s exact price? Surprisingly difficult. Taxes and fees vary by county, so unless they’re neighbors, no two customers are going to pay the same exact price for a car. We’ve improved our estimation of taxes and fees based on your location and put it front and center so you get the full picture of what you’re paying. Nothing hidden, total transparency.

out-the-door pricing used car prices

We then use this number and some assumed financing terms to give you as accurate a sense of your monthly cost as we can and conveniently added it underneath the listed price. This way, you’ll always go on a test drive with a good sense of what you’ll pay.

We hope both of these updates go a long way in closing the information gap in your search for a new ride. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Find a car and see the updates