Used Car Financing Just Got Much Simpler (Finally)

“Boy, that was an easy auto financing experience” isn’t something you often hear. At its best, auto financing today is a cumbersome process. At its worst, it’s a predatory nightmare. The financing difficulties we’ve experienced firsthand were a major “aha” moment that’s informed Shift from day one.

Ever since, improving the process has been high on our priority list. Working with our team and partners, we’ve made a lot of progress on this front and today we’re happy to highlight the major improvements we’ve made to make auto financing smoother and simpler than it’s ever been.

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Instant approval on used car loans

Even today, it’s surprisingly hard to get a loan for a used car. The auto financing system heavily favors new car loans, and the approval hurdles are a major reason many would-be used car shoppers ultimately pass.

To address this, we’ve partnered with RouteOne to make the financing application and approval process instant. When shopping on Shift, you’ll now immediately have the information you need to make the most informed decision possible. You can find your car, have it brought to you, get approved for a loan, and purchase the car all during your lunch break on the same no-hassle test drive.

One application. Multiple lenders. The best possible rate for you.

At dealerships, financing is the dreaded step that means enduring an hour long hustle in the manager’s office. Often, the final result of your financing decision is hidden from you while salesmen obscure what should otherwise be a straightforward discussion and twist the deal to their advantage.

To combat this, we connect you directly with the lenders so that the rate you see is exactly the rate we see. As time goes on, we’re adding lenders to our network to increase the number of bidders on Shift customers’ loan applications. Early results have shown that the competitive pressure of multiple lenders unlocks the best possible rate for you, all with just one Shift application.

Adjust financing terms on the fly

Purchasing a car is a major decision that’s hard to properly consider with an aggressive dealership salesman breathing down your neck. That’s why we make it dead simple to change any of the variables of your loan on the fly so that you can immediately see their impact on your monthly payment.

Want to adjust the length of your loan or change your down payment? No problem. Want to quickly add protection plans or gap insurance? Piece of cake. Take the time to make a thoughtful decision from the comfort of your own home.

Just the beginning

It’s crazy that financing a used car in 2017 is still as hard as it is. With these upgrades and several more on the horizon, Shift is making it much, much simpler. Give it a shot and see if you agree.

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