The Road Ahead

Building Shift over the past 18 months has been an experience of a lifetime, both challenging and rewarding, but we’re doing this because it’s so desperately needed. I see a broken $1.2T car market that has gotten away with doing the bare minimum for its customers. We, the consumers, deserve better.

We’ve listened to hundreds of customer stories. And we learned that people find traditional car shopping or selling painful in three main ways: it’s time-consuming, expensive, and nobody knows what or who to trust. That’s where Shift comes in, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Saving you time
Our local Car Enthusiasts have already sourced the best cars in the area. See a car you like? Schedule a test drive and we’ll bring the car to you.

Never overpay
You don’t have to be a master negotiator, have tons of car knowledge, or look a certain way to get the best deal. We help you purchase a car directly from a seller – cutting out thousands of dollars in cost that you would normally pay – so it’s still a private party sale. Think of us as your personal car buying concierge.

Friendly Help
Our team of Car Enthusiasts represent the heart of our company. Ask them anything, and you’ll always get honest car advice. At Shift, there are never pushy sales tactics or pressure to buy.

We’re only 18 months old, but have accomplished awesome things— we built a great team, raised funding, launched our second market, and have seen car purchases grow by 20x over the last few months. But most importantly, our customers are happy and we’re grateful for their feedback.

The adventure continues, and we look forward to sharing our story: where we came from, where we’re going and how things will unfold along the way.

Until then, if you have any thoughts or ideas, send them our way.

George Arison, Co-founder & CEO