Shift Now Proudly Offering Test Drives in San Diego

shift san diego test drive

San Diego—here we come! We’re thrilled to announce that beginning today, Shift will begin offering test drives and selling cars in San Diego.

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Hello, San Diego!

San Diego’s awesome. The weather’s great. Its avocado game is on point. And, more relevant to Shift, it’s California’s second largest city and home to a lot of drivers.

That’s a big reason why a little more than a year ago, we began piloting some local experiments in San Diego. On the heels of those experiments, we’re happy to announce that we are moving forward with test drive delivery and vehicle sales there.

What is Shift and how does it work?

Shift is a marketplace to buy and sell the best used cars near you. We work with sellers in your area to handle the entire sales process from listing to sale. Every Shift Certified car has passed a rigorous 200-point inspection and comes with a free warranty and return guarantee.

Use our website or app to find a car, schedule a test drive delivered to you, and finance and purchase a car on the spot.

Test drives, delivered to your door

Many cars may catch your eye, but you to really get a feel for the car that’s right for you, you need to take a test drive. Shift takes the typical round-the-block dealership test drive and turns it on its head by delivering the car right to your home or work. That way, you can get a feel for the car on the roads that you know best, in the most convenient way possible.

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Trimming the fat from dealership prices

We’re bringing to San Diego the same approach to pricing as we do everywhere else: skip the dealership excess and transfer savings to you. No herds of salespeople at big expensive dealerships. Just a great online browsing experience paired with lighter operations. On average, this will save you $2,183 compared to the dealership.

Fast financing for on the spot purchasing

Say goodbye to waiting hours in the dealership waiting room for a financing decision. Getting financing for a car with Shift is instantaneous, which means that you can test drive and finish a purchase all in the same lunch break.

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So, San Diegans, we’re excited to meet you, help you find the right car, and bring it to you. Just get started by browsing our San Diego selection.