“September Seller Bonus” Terms and Conditions

“September Seller Bonus” Terms and Conditions

The “September Seller Bonus” (this “Promotion”) is available to customers who schedule their evaluation appointment at a participating Shift Hub and complete the sale to Shift during the evaluation appointment. Participating Shift Hubs include the Oakland and Pomona California locations.

This Promotion is $500 valid between 9/14/2023 and 9/30/2023. At all other times, the credit may be a different amount. Vehicles sold to Shift prior to 9/14/23 are not eligible for the “September Seller Bonus”

Combining Credits, Final Payment, Eligibility for Other Offers

The “September Seller Bonus” is contingent upon a successfully completed transaction within the prescribed timeframe, and is applied to the final payment made to the customer. Shift reserves the right to cancel a transaction under the Seller Agreement presented at the time of sale.

The “September Seller Bonus” cannot be combined with any other offer except Shift’s $200 Trade-In Bonus.

The amount, viability, and other details of this Promotion are subject to change and may be terminated at any time without notice. Exclusions may apply.