Terms & Conditions for Seller OTS $150 Bonus

This Promotion is a cash offer available to customers who schedule their evaluation appointment at a participating Shift Hub and complete the sale to Shift on-site. The sale must be completed during the Customer’s first initial Shift Hub vehicle evaluation. Participating Shift Hubs may be found here

The Promotional bonus is worth $150 which is added onto the final purchase price Shift purchases your vehicle for. 

Combining Credits, Final Payment, Eligibility for Other Offers

The Promotion is contingent upon a successfully completed transaction during your first evaluation appointment, and is applied to the final payment made to the customer. 

Customers who receive the Promotion are not eligible for other offers.

The amount, viability, and other details of the Promotion are subject to change without notice and this Promotion may be canceled at any time without notice. Vehicles sold to Shift prior to Customer’s use of this Promotion are not eligible and the bonus may not be applied retroactively. All sales are subject to Shift Terms of Use (other than as modified by the Terms & Conditions of this Promotion). Exclusions may apply.