One Step Shift Trade-Ins Are Finally Here

Trade ins

One of the most common reasons we see buyers buy a Shift car is because they are getting rid of an old one. Whether you’re downsizing, having a new baby, or it’s just time for an upgrade, Shift makes trading in one car for another easier than it’s ever been.

To get the process started, just select “I have a trade-in” when booking a test drive.

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What’s new?

While we always tried to accommodate trade-ins, we weren’t really set up to handle the entire transaction in one quick visit. Your test drive and your evaluation & pickup took place over two separate appointments. We were only able to confirm your trade-in quote several days after your pickup.

With our new approach, you’ll always get a fair price for your trade-in and that value can be applied to your new car on the same day you test drive it. Easy.

On the spot trade-ins

This change also paves the way for an industry first: an on-the-spot trade in from your driveway. If you like a car you test drive, you can buy it immediately with the trade-in value of your current car. New car in, old car out, all in one lunch break.

If you’ve got a car to trade in, give it a shot. Just find the car you want to test drive and select “I have a trade-in” when booking a test drive.