Inspection Reports Now Available on Every Vehicle Description Page

Nobody wants to buy a lemon. That’s why from day one, we knew that a big part of adding value to the peer-to-peer car market was providing greater transparency into a car’s condition. From that goal, we’ve developed an entire 200-point inspection to identify and repair wear & tear to make sure every car we list is as safe and reliable as possible.

We compile the results of every inspection into a report that lists descriptions and photos for every issue we found. We used to share the results from this inspection with the seller and all potential buyers on the test drive. But now, we’ve updated our vehicle description pages to provide you with the inspection report for every car upfront.
When you add in the high-quality photos and the free Carfax report for each vehicle, you know exactly what to expect and can avoid ugly surprises altogether. A novelty for the used car market, standard for Shift.

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