Recap: All 11 Car Ads from Super Bowl LI

2017 super bowl LI car commercials

The Super Bowl has long been an event where carmakers from across the globe showcase the latest and greatest in cars and creativity, and 2017 was no exception. Here’s a recap of all ten car advertisements from last night’s game.

Hyundai – “A Better Super Bowl”

On the most American day in sports, the Korean carmaker made an appeal to patriotism in a commercial that was filmed and edited entirely during the Super Bowl. The connection to either the troops or to cars isn’t very clear, but Hyundai takes a novel live-ish approach in this warm and fuzzy spot.

Mercedes – “Easy Driver”

In this one-minute ad directed by the Coen Brothers, Mercedes’ AMG GT Roadster is in the spotlight in a car vs. bike moment featuring Peter Fonda. Appealing to our unruly motorcycle spirits, Fonda ditches his Easy Rider motorcycle in favor for what Mercedes hopes is an equally badass AMG. Is it? You be the judge.

Kia – “Hero’s Journey”

What a weekend for Melissa McCarthy. Saturday she’s playing Sean Spicer on SNL, Sunday she plays the environmental hero this prime-time spot from Kia. The 2017 Kia Niro is her car of choice to save the whales, trees, icebergs, and rhinos. “It’s hard to be an eco-warrior, but it’s easy to drive like one.” Hmmm.

Alfa Romeo – “Riding Dragons”

Fiat Chrysler dropped three different ads for the 2017 Giulia yesterday. The first of the three is a nod to the company’s logo that recalls the company’s past glory to assert the niche brand’s modern relevance.

Alfa Romeo – “Dear Predictable”

Another spot for the Giulia, this time a breakup letter from the car to predictability, hoping to connect to drivers who “prefer elusive over usual, powerful over passive.”

Alfa Romeo – “Mozzafiato”

Mozzafiato means breath taking in Italian (and is our second favorite type of cheese) and Alfa Romeo invokes high fashion, opera, a panther (?), and Venetian environs to reinforce how breathtaking the Giulia is.

Ford – “Ford Go Further”

Ford’s effort this year is a 90-second spot that doesn’t sell any one car, but the company itself. Doubling down on alternative transportation, Ford showcases bicycle sharing and ride sharing vans alongside self-driving cars, plug-in vehicles, and its new GT40 to show you that Ford is the future of mobility.

Honda – “Yearbooks”

Honda’s Super Bowl spot sports a who’s-who cast of celebrities reflecting on their high school dreams. Animated versions of their actual yearbook photos deliver a dialog on the value of big dreams to promote the 2017 Honda CR-V.

Buick – Cam Newton + Miranda Kerr

Buick continued with the “That’s Not a Buick” campaign that made an appearance at last year’s Super Bowl in a spot that answers the question what if Cam Newton played peewee football? Buick shows it’s willing to poke fun at itself to sell the 2017 Encore crossover and the Cascada convertible.

Lexus – “Man & Machine”

Lexus combines dance, lighting, and creative editing to merge man and machine in this spot that turns the spotlight on the 2017 Lexus LC.

Audi – “Daughter”

Audi takes on gender inequality in this ad, whose narrator is struggling with whether to tell his young daughter about the realities of gender disparity.