Women’s History Month 2021: Celebrating Our Team

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we’re showcasing some of our amazing women from all areas of our company each week.

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Week 4: Tech Team

Kat Maerz
Kat Maerz

Kat Maerz is an IT Manager at Shift. She started her career with a vast amount of Engineering experience, and enjoys all the ways her work can  bring real impact to Shift. She has helped to build up the IT department from scratch.

Fun Facts:

  • Kat is a former foster mom & adopted 4 children. They are ages 2, 3, 4, and 5. You can see them all out and about with their 180-lb. dog, Max
  • She loves candid photography
Jana Dodson
Jana Dodson

Jana Dodson, is a Lead Data Scientist at Shift. Prior to that, she worked in the Data Science field in two totally different subject areas: healthcare and telecom. (It turns out data skills are quite transferrable, but knowledge about Medicare claims payment rules and cellular network data transmission is not.)

One Shift project that Jana truly enjoyed was building the loan pre-qualification tool. This tool calculates the terms of the loan that a customer can expect to receive for a given vehicle – without a hard credit inquiry. That’s allowed thousands of Shift customers to easily shop for vehicles within their budgets without affecting their credit scores. Through her research, she learned a lot about how the auto loan industry works, something she never thought could be so fascinating. She also learned what it means to build an awesome user experience through collaboration with a talented cross-functional team of engineers, designers, and product managers.

Quote: “The people who work at Shift are all a magical combination of smart, hardworking, and kind—something you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Working with this team every day is a true privilege.”

Fun Facts:

  • Jana is an avid skier and spends just about all her spare time playing in the snow on her skis!


Emily Siu
Emily Siu

Emily Siu is a Software Engineer at Shift. After graduating from University of Michigan, she was part of the Technology Development Program at Capital One before joining as a full stack engineer at Shift in DC.

She sees limitless possibilities with regards to creating better user experience, cleaner technical and engineering solutions, and stronger data-driven experiments. And while at Shift, she has developed solid friendships especially through game nights, happy hours, and more fun events.

Quote: “Everybody is incredibly smart, talented, and eager to help out. The problems we tackle are diverse, and our existing solutions are open to continuous improvement. We’re encouraged to brainstorm ideas, collaborate with others, and take ownership of new initiatives within our team’s space as well as across the organization.”

Fun Facts:

  • Emily won a free trip to Italy from Olive Garden! She got to eat good food, see some amazing sights, and meet some cool people – all expenses paid.
  • She enjoys playing piano and guitar
  • She recently built her own PC to play games with friends.

Week 3: Operations Team

Elisa Camacho
Elisa Camacho

Elisa Camacho is a a newly minted Marketing Coordinator at Shift, after being promoted from her role as a Hub Advisor. One thing she loves about Shift is that price is the same for everyone, which ends up making the experience an enjoyable one.

Quote: “Shift is setting the standard for the future of car buying. Not only would I recommend Shift to a friend looking to buy or sell a car – because I have personally bought a few cars at Shift – but working here is amazing.”

Fun Fact:

  • Elisa takes a monthly road trip, which has allowed her visit 20 U.S. states so far
  • She brings along her German Shepard/Chow chow who is 13 years old on her road trips
  • She owns a 2018 Crosstrek with off road wheels that allows her to go anywhere she needs it to go. (She got it from Shift!)


Melissa Carlisle
Melissa Carlisle

Melissa Carlisle is a Photography and Merchandising Manager at Shift. She  started her career as a legal secretary and knew it wasn’t for her – she wanted to be in photography. Shift recruiting reached out to her and it’s been five years now!

She enjoys the team and taking on new challenges as we grow into new markets.

Fun Facts:

  • Melissa is a twin
  • She loves classic movies and true crime
Jacee Brodowsky

Jacee Brodowsky is an Assistant Team Lead at Shift. Before that, she worked with a business owner from California, running her businesses located throughout Oregon and Washington. Jacee enjoys that the integrity of the leadership has shown brightly through their actions; winning over her loyalty and respect. She says the most interesting part of her job is assisting her team in diverse situations with innovated solution seeking.

Quote: “They practice grace while focusing on a growth mindset, which are two of my biggest core values. I feel as though I am respected and valued as a part of the Shift team.”

Fun Facts:

  • Jacee is also writer and a painter.
Deanna Trujillo-James
Deanna Trujillo-James

Deanna Trujillo-James is an Assistant Team Lead at Shift. Before that, she worked in management with specialty retail and restaurants. She enjoys that Shift is a unique opportunity within the auto industry. It is a personal one-on-one customer service, non-pushy sales process, and not a “boys club” like traditional dealerships. She enjoys the ability to drive and support the team from her desk at work or WFH utilizing various social platforms when they are up to 150 miles away.

Fun Facts:

  • Deanna and her wife have been together for 20 years!
  • She participated in Gay Rodeo for 5 years in the Bay Area-Bay Area Chapter, GSGRA
  • 2011 Women’s Chute Dogging champion for the Best Buck in the Bay Rodeo- she wrestle steers and did Wild Drag.


Breanne Skye Oliveros
Breanna Skye Oliveros

Breanna Skye Oliveros is a Parts Lead at Shift. Before that, she worked in the auto industry. She enjoys that Shift is a unique place to work. Working in the reconditioning aspect of the company, she’s witnessed how the smallest moving parts are sometimes the most important.

Quote: “As a company, we recognize and take pride in the little things. We ensure we leave no stone unturned. There are hundreds, if not, thousands, of moving parts that would not move an inch if it wasn’t for the morale of the employees, and company’s culture.”

“When given the opportunity to say that I am a young, female in a male dominant industry, I do it with pride and no hesitation because I continue to make a mark in a place I belong.”

Fun Facts:

  • She is a California State University, East Bay graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Sciences with a Pre-Clinical concentration
  • She is a Biology Intern for the City and County of San Francisco, and  participates in multiple Wildlife surveys
  • She enjoys Legos, working out, and listening to music


Week 2: Field Team

Quincy Clegg
Quincy Clegg

Quincy Clegg is a Concierge at Shift. Before that, she was at California State University in Long Beach. Quincy loves the amazing team-oriented culture here and getting to drive all different types of cars.

Fun Facts:

  • Quincy was a competitive cheerleader for years
  • She studied Arabic in school
  • She has a Bachelor’s degree in Global Politics


Alicia Pot
Alicia Pot

Alicia Pot is a Concierge at Shift. Before that, she worked for a property management group in hospitality. She enjoys that there are so many learning opportunities at Shift.

Quote: “Everyone is supportive of one another, and I have done so much growth in the short time I have been here. I truly feel that my team wants the best for me and for all of us to succeed.”

Plus, she enjoys getting to drive some really cool cars!

Fun Facts:

  • Alicia’s favorite car manufacturer is Spyker
  • She is a polyglot
  • She loves travel
  • She is an artist


Samantha DeLeon
Samantha DeLeon

Samantha Deleon is a Hub Advisor at Shift. She began her career as an office specialist. She enjoys Shift’s positive and friendly atmosphere, and being able to essentially travel all over the LA county area and beyond, driving fun cars and meeting different clients who share their experiences.

Fun Facts:

  • Samatha is a beer enthusiast
  • She’s a dog lover
  • She drives a Honda Civic


Megan Lopez
Megan Lopez

Megan Lopez is a Customer Support Manager at Shift. Over the course of her career, she’s done everything from selling cars at a dealership, to working at a credit union, to handling social media accounts for gyms. She sees Shift as a place where you can meet some really great people that hustle and respect your hustle, who give you room to work hard and create your own success. She loves the opportunity to throw her ideas in and contribute to the company’s overall success.

Quote: “I really get to work with so many different people throughout the company. From concierges to members of the data team, I get to meet with everyone that is involved in the Shift customer experience, which is basically everyone!”

Fun Facts:

  • Megan stays active to stay sane and (is very competitive with her workouts!)
  • She loves traditional boxing and used to compete in amateur USA boxing (pic above is after her first ever amateur win!)
  • She has a 66 Mustang Coupe that she’s finally learning how to drive


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Week 1: Corporate Team


Cindy Hanford
Cindy Hanford

Cindy Hanford is our Chief Financial Officer. Including Shift, she’s worked for a variety of retail companies: from cars, bikes, snowboards, and skateboards, to sneakers, teeshirts, and wine.(Her favorite was the wine.)

Cindy is passionate about working together to find ways to make car buying fun and fair for consumers while also bringing benefits to our shareholders. She attributes part of her success to the talented folks here at Shift.

Fun Facts:

  • Cindy has ridden a bicycle across the state of Iowa more times than she can count
  • She’s traveled to many places including Nepal Annapurna circuit, Patagonia, Easter island, Machu Picchu, Costa Rico, and Bolivia
  • She’s also gone diving around the world; Galapagos with hammerheads and sea lions, Raja Ampat with Mantas, Maldives, Belize, Indonesia and even in Thailand


Blima Tuller
Blima Tuller

Blima Tuller is the SVP of Accounting and Controller at Shift. Before coming to Shift, Blima worked as a Chief Accounting Officer in the Ad Tech industry. Blima has worked on a variety of projects while building out a best-in-class public company accounting function.

Quote:”Shift is a dynamic company where you can really make a difference and see the impact of what you work on each day. No two days are the same.”

Fun Facts:

  • Blima is a mom of 4 (3 boys & 1 girl), and grew up as a middle child of 5
  • She loves to hike in the mountains around LA
  • She is a big LA Dodgers fans, and try to get to as many games as she can each season


Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee

Tiffany Lee is a People Ops Coordinator at Shift. Before Shift, she worked in the talent field after getting her M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She feels empowered by Shift being incredibly fast-paced, and there’s always something new to dive into.

Tiffany is a huge employee advocate, and she loves being able to witness fellow Shifters discover, develop, and leverage their strengths and passions to grow in and out of departments. She has onboarded and oriented 250+ employees since her time here!

Fun Facts:

  • Tiffany has an ongoing list of her favorite places to eat in SoCal that she shares on request
  • She really love games (e.g., board games, card games, video games, etc)
  • She is a sucker for 70s and 80s music

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Krista Holloman
Krista Holloman

Krista Holloman is a Technical Recruiter at Shift.  Before Shift, she was managing a multi-disciplinary wellness and physical therapy practice after getting her  degree in biology and quantitative science. She joined Shift because of the people. She enjoys getting to talk to some of the most talented people in the industry on a daily basis, and working to pair them with opportunities at Shift. The most fulfilling thing for her is seeing teammates come together to create new and improved products that ultimately make the car buying process better for customers.

Quote:”We have built a team of talented, intelligent, humble, and creative individuals of different backgrounds. And on top of that, people truly care about each other and our mission. That’s hard to find, but I’m lucky enough to have found it here!”

Fun Facts:

  • She is a classically-trained soprano and sings at weddings & events as a side hustle
  • She loves really terrible soap operas
  • Her latest hobby is floral arrangement

We’re always looking for amazing people like these to join our growing team. Interested? We’re hiring!

Shift’s Presidents’ Day Sale 2021


Terms & Conditions 

More information about purchasing a car online can be found here.

The President’s Day Promo Extension $250 discount is available to Washington and Oregon residents with use of a valid promotional code. 

The only way to guarantee a car’s availability or pricing is through online purchase or placing a nonrefundable deposit. We do not guarantee the availability of any car or pricing of any car beyond what is currently listed on the website. 

Customers may place a $250 nonrefundable deposit to reserve their vehicle before or after a test drive and/or initiate an online purchase; the deposit is nonrefundable and will apply towards the purchase of the vehicle on which it was placed only.  For any nonrefundable deposit placed on a car during this promotion, the purchase must be fully completed by 7:59 pm PST on February 28, 2021 unless otherwise stated to receive the accompanying discount. 

Cars purchased from Shift prior to the promotion are not eligible for retroactive discounts, price adjustments, or other modifications and cannot be redeemed for cash.

The President’s Day Promo Extension ends February 20, 2021 at 7:59 p.m. PST or while supplies last.  The President’s Day Promo Extension, including, but not limited to, all timing, prices, and inventory, is subject to change without notice and is subject to end at any time without notice. Exclusions may apply.

Continue reading “Shift’s Presidents’ Day Sale 2021”

Sell your Car to Shift for more with our Bonus Credit

Sell your car for top dollar

We’re offering more on certain makes and models, plus a bonus credit if you meet certain requirements when you sell your car to us.

Selling your car to Shift is a no-brainer. Here’s how it works in a few simple steps:

  1. Get a quote for your car
  2. Lock in your estimate
  3. Book an evaluation: We’ll come to you to give your car a once-over, and assuming all checks out, we’ll literally take it from there.
  4. Get paid! Payment will be transferred directly to your bank account.

For a limited time, we’re offering a bonus credit just for selling us your car quickly. See the details below!

Get an estimate

Here are the official rules:

The Seller Preparedness Credit is available to any customer selling their car to Shift who meets the following requirements:

  • Customer is prepared at their first evaluation appointment with:
    • Complete set of car keys (one or two keys as applicable)
    • Valid driver’s license of the car owner
    • Signed title and 
    • Current registration
    • Loan or lease payoff statement (if applicable)
  • Customer completes the sale to Shift at this first appointment. 

The Seller Preparedness Credit is $400 between 2/5/2021 at 2 pm PST and 2/15/21 at 8 pm PST. At all other times, the credit may be a different amount. 

The credit will be applied to the final payment made to the customer, and is contingent upon a successfully completed transaction. All other stipulations of the sale apply, including but not limited to the sale transaction being canceled due to the vehicle’s final inspection at a Shift Hub after the sale. Shift reserves the right to cancel a transaction per the Seller Agreement presented at the time of sale. Exclusions apply. 

Customers who receive the Seller Preparedness Credit are still eligible for other offers when purchasing a car from Shift. 

The amount, viability, and other details of the Seller Preparedness Credit are subject to change without notice. 

Shift’s Road Ahead Sale 2021

Terms & Conditions

More information about purchasing a car online can be found here.

The Road Ahead Sale $500 discount is valid on Shift vehicle inventory with use of a valid promotional code. All shift Sale Cars marked with additional strike-through savings are also eligible to receive an additional $500 off with use of a valid promotional code.

The only way to guarantee a car’s availability or pricing is through online purchase or placing a nonrefundable deposit. We do not guarantee the availability of any car or pricing of any car beyond what is currently listed on the website.

Customers may place a $250 nonrefundable deposit to reserve their vehicle before or after a test drive and/or initiate an online purchase; the deposit is nonrefundable and will apply towards the purchase of the vehicle on which it was placed only. For any nonrefundable deposit placed on a car during this Sale, the purchase must be completed by 11:59 pm PST on January 19, 2021 unless otherwise stated to receive the accompanying discount.

Cars purchased from Shift prior to the promotion are not eligible for retroactive discounts, price adjustments, or other modifications and cannot be redeemed for cash.

The Road Ahead Sale ends Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST or while supplies last. The Road Ahead Sale’s timing, prices, and inventory, is subject to change without notice and is subject to end at any time without notice.

Shift 2020 Holiday Sale – Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

More information about purchasing a car online can be found here.

Sale and Daily Deal prices are only guaranteed until midnight Pacific Time each day of the promotion; these prices are subject to change on any following day. 

For Sale cars, Daily Deal cars, and all other cars on Shift.com, the only way to guarantee a car’s availability or pricing is through online purchase or placing a nonrefundable deposit for Sale Cars. We do not guarantee the availability of any car or pricing of any car beyond what is currently listed on the website. 

Customers may place a $250 nonrefundable deposit to reserve their Sale vehicle before or after a test drive and/or initiate an online purchase; the deposit is nonrefundable and will apply towards the purchase. 

Daily Deals operate as 24-hour limited pricing, valid only for online purchases and are not eligible for test drives prior to purchase. Daily Deal pricing on specified vehicles is only valid until midnight Pacific Time on the day on which those vehicles are listed as a Daily Deal; after that time, the Deal will end. Daily Deal vehicles are available while supplies last, on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the event that a customer wishes to see a Daily Deal vehicle in person at one of our hub(s) they are welcome to do so, granted that there is no other deposit placed on the vehicle. The customer must place a deposit on the vehicle to reserve it for their purchase and eligibility for any accompanying discounts. The first person to place a deposit on a vehicle effectively initiates the purchase process, and reserves the right to purchase that vehicle. 

For any nonrefundable deposit placed on a car during this promotion, the purchase must be completed by 12/31/2020 unless otherwise stated to receive the accompanying discount.  

Cars purchased from Shift prior to the promotion are not eligible for retroactive discounts, price adjustments, or other modifications. 

The “Everyone Loves a Holiday Sale” Sale promotion, including, but not limited to, all timing, prices, and inventory, is subject to change without notice and is subject to end at any time without notice.

For any questions, please contact customer support at :

support@shift.com or 855-744-1445



COVID-19: Buy online or test drive safely

UPDATED: March 30, 2021

Like all of you, we’re keeping a close watch on the developments around coronavirus and COVID-19. We’ve taken measures to make buying a car during the pandemic as safe as possible. As part of our effort to keep our customers and communities safe, we’ll be posting regularly with new information. Below is a list of coronavirus updates and FAQs to help you stay in the know.

Social-distancing, no-contact test drives

Buying a car during the pandemic doesn’t have to mean you can’t test drive it. We’ve made it super safe with no-contact test drives. That means we’ll bring you the car, wipe it down, and let you take it for a test drive on your own without a Shift Concierge present. In addition, our Concierge will avoid being in close proximity during your appointment and will not be shaking hands.  

Here’s how it works: Your Shift Car Concierge will show up at your home for your scheduled appointment. They’ll ask you for your driver’s license so we can verify it in our system. Once that’s done, the concierge will wipe down any frequently touched surfaces (including the interior and exterior of the car, keys, iPad, and driver’s license), hand you the keys, and then you get to go take the car out for a spin by yourself while the concierge waits for you at a designated meeting spot. At the end of your test drive, if you decide to buy the car, we’ll facilitate the transaction right then and there. If not, we’ll simply drive it back. 

Buying a car online during the pandemic

Now is as good a time as ever to buy a car online. In a nutshell, all Shift cars are eligible to buy directly online without a test drive. Once you place a deposit on it ($250, nonrefundable), we’ll give you a call to confirm the purchase and arrange delivery to have the car dropped off at your house. You’ll have seven days or 200 miles, whichever comes first, to return it if it ends up not working out for whatever reason. 

Selling a car during the pandemic

Looking to offload your wheels? We’re always interested in buying cars. You can get a free, no-obligation quote here. Our Shift concierge will come to your house to evaluate the car and give you a final offer on the spot. If you’re trading in a car, our Shift concierge will bring you the car you want to test drive, and if you want to trade in your old car for the new one, we’ll apply the trade-in credit on the spot. And if you’re not ready to commit just yet, you can always sell us your car without buying a new one just yet. 

Can I still return a car if I buy it directly online? 

Yes – all cars, including our cars sold directly online, are eligible for our seven day/200 mile return for any reason. Depending on where it is, we may be able to pick the car up from you. Simply call or email us and we’ll help to arrange a return for you. 

Easy financing for all purchases 

Stress-free financing is more important than ever during the pandemic. We’ve streamlined our finance processes, so you’ll have the option to get prequalified for a loan during your shopping process to be able to view cars based on your likely monthly payments. Or, you can apply for and choose an auto loan during the checkout process.  Either way, it takes just a few clicks and you’ll be on your way. 

Helping Essential Workers During the COVID-19 Crisis

We know many of you, especially essential workers, still need safe, reliable, and affordable transportation while this crisis continues. We also recognize just how many people in our community have been adversely affected by it already. And with the current restrictions in place, Shift is for many people the only way to test drive and buy a car directly online right now, and will be for the near term. 

We want to help. That’s why we’ve created the Essential Workers Program and the Community Pricing Initiatives to help you get back on the road in the meantime.  

How does the Essential Workers program work? 

This program is intended for customers who are considered essential and frontline workers during the coronavirus including grocery store staff, utilities operators, government employees and medical professionals. If you feel you fit the description, please let your Shift representative know at the time of or before your appointment and they will confirm your discount status. 

This program will apply to cars both for local test drive appointments and cars purchased online, and will continue for as long as strict public health directives are in place. (Subject to change.)  This is an honor system, and will operate on a discretionary and availability basis, so please be advised that we cannot guarantee your discount status until your appointment. 

Here’s what services Shift is offering during the coronavirus closures

What is the Community Pricing Initiative? 

While Shift is one of the only places open on the market right now to buy a car, we recognize that many people in our communities have been adversely affected by the crisis. So we created a special, temporary price adjustment to give those in need an opportunity to buy cars at a discounted price. This is a first-come, first-served offering on vehicles currently available. The temporary pricing has already gone into effect, so the list price you see on a car’s vehicle listing page has been updated with the lower price.

Please let us know how else we can help. We’re all on this road together.


Stay safe,


Coronavirus Impact on Business: How We’re Dealing With It As Startup Founders

The ones who survive this are the ones who act decisively

The coronavirus impact on business the world over has already been monumental. As it has for almost everyone else across the country, the ongoing pandemic has had a huge impact on Shift, our employees, and our customers. The entire auto industry — indeed many industries — is facing lower demand across the board right now.

The Shelter-In-Place orders as well as the economic crisis that has developed as a result of the outbreak has forced us to take extremely difficult steps to ensure our company’s long-term durability.

We have had no choice but to furlough or reduce hours of close to 50% of our operations teams across the business. We have been able to ensure that furloughed employees will receive Shift’s excellent health benefits, and no employee has been furloughed because of sickness.

Additionally, we’ve had furloughs on the corporate level, while all of our salaried employees will be taking a 25% reduction in salary for at least eight weeks, though the timeline of this will be assessed as this crisis continues.

Taking these measures breaks our hearts. However, we are decisively taking these serious actions now to position Shift to weather this storm and come through it stronger. We extend our deepest sympathies and gratitude to the furloughed employees, some of whom volunteered, and we hope that all will return to Shift once we’re through these difficult times. As this crisis environment continues and we assess demand, it is possible we have to go further than this, but we hope to see higher demand than we had anticipated. If this happens, we would be able to bring our team members back to work. We are hopeful Congress passes the Keep Workers Paid Act quickly, and that measures in this legislation would allow us to reassess some of the steps we have been forced to take.

The Steps Shift is taking on COVID-19

Six years ago, Shift invented the concept of allowing a customer to shop for a car online, have a test drive delivered to them at their house, and complete the purchase fully digitally. We also offer the functionality to sell their car fully online. We are confident in Shift’s resilience and fortitude to continue serving customers over the long term because of these unique features. In the current environment, we believe that the need for privately-owned transportation options will increase dramatically, while demand for used cars will jump substantially (coupled with fall in demand for new cars). As a company, we will do everything we can to service customer needs through our test drive and purchase delivery capabilities.

We are currently living through a situation that is totally unprecedented. These times have also brought out the best of who we are as a team. We are encouraged by the stories of Shift employees looking out for each other, be it through covering shifts for a coworker who has to stay home to take care of their children, or the innovative practices we are adopting to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues and customers.

We want to thank our customers for bearing with us during uncertain times. We will do whatever we can to continue giving everyone safe access to reliable transportation throughout this period.

And we want to thank our employees for their continued hard work, adaptability, and dedication to their teammates, to our customers, and to the business.

Together, we’ll get through this.

Toby Russell & George Arison

Co-CEOs, Shift

A Message from Shift Co-CEOs on COVID-19

UPDATED: March 30, 2021

Like many of you, we’ve been closely monitoring the developing situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and have been impacted by it. We recognize that transportation needs will continue as this crisis unfolds and are as committed as ever to helping you get where you need to go. 

The health and safety of our employees and customers is a top priority, and we want to take a moment to let you know what we’re doing to help.

For the time being, we’ve made the difficult decision to close some of our physical hubs to any customer visits. However, you can still buy a car with us without leaving your driveway.

Here’s what you can do:  

  • Shop online: We’ll bring the car to your home to test drive (virtual test drives are also available).
  • No-Contact Test Drives: Your Shift Concierge will bring the car to you, wipe down the car and keys, and then hand it off to you to take it for a spin. 
  • Purchase online: We’ll drop the car off in a safe, no-contact way. 
  • Sell us your car: We’ll come to you to evaluate it.

In addition, we’ve implemented the following procedures for the safety of our customers and staff:

  • Monitoring ongoing updates on COVID-19 from public health officials.
  • Following recommendations for reducing the spread of germs, including frequent, sustained hand-washing and using hand sanitizers. Our Car Concierge team will refrain from shaking hands or other close-proximity interactions. 
  • Disinfecting all vehicles before and after each test drive and frequently touched surfaces at our gated storage facilities multiple times per day — that includes things like common use areas; all car keys and iPads; and car door handles and steering wheels. 

Finally, we want to give a special thanks to our Car Concierge team who are going above and beyond in continuing to serve those customers in need of transportation options. 

We hope these measures and services can help alleviate some of the stress and burden during this time and encourage you to reach out if there’s anything further we can do.

Thanks as always for working with us. 

Toby Russell & George Arison


Where can I sell my car?

We’ve all been in that stressful quandary: “Where can I sell my car?” (Ideally, without getting lowballed.) Normally, selling a car is a somewhat time-sensitive endeavor; most of us can’t wait weeks and weeks to have it done with. Whether you’re moving, need the extra money to use towards a new car or some other large purchase, or something else entirely, the last thing you need is a lot of hoops to jump through to make it happen. But we also want a reasonable price for it.

It all depends on what your situation is. The key thing is to first determine what you’re optimizing for: do you want the most money possible for your car and are willing to wait however long it sell it? Or is the exact price not as important as getting it out of your driveway quickly? As they say, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. But there is a compromise solution that will let you get the best of both worlds.

Where can I sell my car for top dollar?

We hate to say it but… yes, selling your car private party (like on Craigslist) is probably the best way to get the most money possible for your car. Because you’ll have the ultimate freedom to negotiate with buyers, you can determine what you’d like to get for the car and work backward from there to set a good price. The (major) drawback, as you might be able to guess, is that there’s no guarantee it will sell at that price and how long it might take to find a buyer. If you’re determined to go this route, godspeed! (Here are our tips for making the process go as smoothly as possible.)

Where can I sell my car fast?

As the saying goes: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Sometimes it’s easiest to know you’ll walk away with cash in hand. Companies like CarMax and We Buy Any Car will reportedly send you on your way with a bank draft or check to deposit immediately. Pretty nice, huh? The only downside is you have to come to one of their locations.

Where can I do both?

Some companies will offer a nice compromise between convenience and price. Shift, for example, can complete transactions in about an hour and because it uses algorithm-based pricing, ensures you’re getting a fair market-based price for your car. Plus, you don’t ever have to leave your driveway. Not too shabby!

There you have it! The quick-and-dirty rundown of where you can sell your car and the pros and cons of each.