8 Reasons Shift is the Simplest, Fairest Way to Buy a Used Car

From the beginning, we’ve believed that car buying should be simple and fair. In April, we wrote about our recent updates to Shift and how we’ve taken steps towards that goal.

Progress has continued in the months since, and while we aren’t anywhere close to done, I just wanted to take a step back and make 8 arguments for why we think that’s true:

1. Test drives delivered to you

From day one, we’ve delivered test drives to our prospective customers because seeing a car in person, on your own terms and in your own environment, is a fundamental part of Shift’s better car buying experience.

2. No pushy sales tactics

When we get there, we won’t sell you on a car. After all, great cars at great prices sell themselves.

3. On-the-spot purchasing

Why step foot in a dealership when you can finish the entire process in under an hour, from the comfort of your own driveway?

4. Better prices

Avoiding the traditional overhead of brick-and-mortar dealerships allows us to sell cars for $2,000 less than average. See for yourself: just click “compare Shift’s price” on any vehicle description page to see how we compare to the market.

5. No sweat financing

Financing a used car purchase used to be hard. With instant decisions from a variety of lenders competing to give you a good rate, now it’s not.

6. Shift Certified

We pride ourselves on being picky. We decline to list 2 out of 3 cars we’re asked to sell, and every car we do take in must first pass a 200-point inspection. Then we include a 30 day warranty and a 5-day return guarantee. That’s Shift Certified, and with it, you can browse confidently.

7. Notifications to stay on top of your search

Don’t see the car you want on Shift? Download the app to be the first to find out when what you’re looking for comes in.

8. Continually improving product

With constant updates and improvements to our product and processes, we’re only just beginning.

Our hypothesis is that providing a more trustworthy marketplace is good for our customers, which is good for Shift. We think our product has come a long way in the past 6 months to help us get there. Visit shift.com and see if you agree.