7 Handy Car Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

We all love our cars, but oftentimes we come across unavoidable problems and issues on the road that need a quick fix.  Below, we collected a slew of handy car hacks to make driving a breeze and tide you over until your next maintenance appointment. Read on, and share these tried-and-tested tips from Shift with your friends!

1. Create a custom phone holder out of a rubber band in your AC vent.

No need to place your phone over your car’s speedometer bracket, or have the person in the passenger seat hold for your phone for you during your drive. Just look for a rubber band, then snap both of its sides through the AC vent. Now insert your phone in between, and you’ll have an instant custom phone holder in your car. And just in case you find it difficult to fish the rubber band out of the vent, you can easily use a paper clip or toothpick.

2. Your seat warmer will keep your pizza hot.

Here at Shift, we’re so obsessed with pizza that we even have a club devoted to ranking pizzas. You’ll find this car hack pretty handy if you just picked up some pizza on your way home. Simply turn on your seat warmer and put the pizza on your heated seat during your drive, and you won’t end up with cold pizza. This could work for other meals you’ve picked up as well.

3. A potato can keep your car windows from steaming up.

Not every car comes equipped with a defogger, and if you have one, you cannot use it in low battery conditions. To clear up the fog on your window, all you’ll need is a half-potato. Just rub the potato on the inside of your window, and say goodbye to all that steam. The video below explores a few other options as well.

4. A plunger can remove small dents.

Got a small dent on your car door? Try using a plunger to get it out, just like in the video below. The suction of the plunger is able to pull the dented part of your car forward and back into its original condition.

5. Use clear nail polish for windshield cracks or chips.

That chip or crack in your windshield can cost a lot to repair. That crack can spread and grow, and before you know it, you’ll need to replace your windshield.There’s an easy way to fix it all by yourself before that happens. All you need is some clear nail polish. Just it all over the crack or chip, and wait for it to dry. You can even use it for minor paint scratches.

6. Hang a tennis ball in your garage as a parking guide.

When you’re pulling your car into the garage, how close is close enough? A tennis ball hanging on the garage roof should be able to tell you the distance between the front or back of the car and the garage wall.

7. Make your car interiors shine like new with a DIY all-purpose car cleaner.

With spring cleaning season just around the corner, you’ll want to make your car look and smell brand new again! A great way to do this is to DIY an all-purpose car cleaner that will effectively clean your dashboard and make the interior of your car smell great. You’ll need to mix equal parts water and baby oil, a few drops of natural soap, some white wine vinegar, tea tree oil, and any essential oil of your choice. Then watch the video below for a list of cleaning and organizing tips for your car.

Got any tried-and-tested car hacks of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!