The 5 Coolest BMWs Available for Rent on Turo

This post was co-written with Turo, who are giving away a weekend dream rental as part of the Hit The Road Summer BMW Giveaway. Enter now.

We work with a lot of BMWs sellers at Shift. In fact, their popularity among our customers is a big part of why we’re giving away a BMW this summer. In that spirit, we thought we’d take a look at the availability of BMWs on another platform: Turo.

What’s Turo? It’s a rental service where travelers can connect with owners who’ve put their car up for rent on the platform. Turns out, there are quite a number of BMW owners who use Turo, and a few of those BMWs are pretty darn remarkable. Here are our five favorites:

R Kwan’s 1976 BMW 2002

bmw 2002

If you came here expecting to see the latest and greatest BMWs, those are coming. But we had to start this list off with this 40 year old, cornflower blue gem.

Even among a field of BMW models that’s filled with standout cars, the 2002 still stands out. Between the years of 1968-1976, the models in the 2002 family helped lay the foundation of sport sedans that would become heritage-defining for the BMW brand.

They’re nearly a half-century old and finding one of these icons in good shape is getting harder and harder, so R Kwan’s beauty is really something special. San Francisco, California, $225 per day.

Brando’s 2015 BMW i8

BMW i8

Several decades separate the 2002 from the i8, but with the i8’s blue accents and hybrid engine, they seem at least a century apart. Its futuristic look combines with stunning, aggressive supercar lines to make the i8 look like something right out of a comic book. There are several i8s on Turo, but Brando’s mixed matte and glossy black custom job is especially likely to turn heads. Los Angeles, California, $262 per day.

Andrey’s Gold 2015 BMW 6 Series

BMW 6 series

This car may not be subtle, but if you’re in the market to rent a 6-series convertible, that might be a good thing. The base 6-series is already a gorgeous car, and in a gold colorway with black and gold rims, this one is particularly eye catching. And while most flashy rentals come with a flashy price tag, Andrey’s 6-series can be rented for less than an economy rental at Hertz. At a price like this, can you afford not to rent it? Los Angeles, California, $74 per day.

Rakesh’s 1981 BMW 633 CSI

bmw c33

What makes this car so cool? The fact that it looks like it came from a Hong Kong Triad movie, the old-school snout and headlights, the beefy tire of a steering wheel, the centered dual exhaust? We don’t fully know. We just know that if we were visiting Renton, Washington for whatever reason, we’d be really stoked to rent Rakesh’s ’81 633 CSI.

Wais’s 2012 BMW Alpina B7

bmw alpina b7

To fully appreciate the Alpina B7, you have to know Alpina: BMW’s sister manufacturer that creates souped up, even more loaded versions of BMWs.

While on its surface this may look like a 7-series (which is already insanely luxurious), the B7 is a supreme luxury car that’s also an understated race car (3.7s 0-60, top speed of 193 mph), whose rarity in North America makes this one one of the coolest BMWs on Turo. Bellevue, Washington, $325 per day.