Shift 2020 Holiday Sale – Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

More information about purchasing a car online can be found here.

Sale and Daily Deal prices are only guaranteed until midnight Pacific Time each day of the promotion; these prices are subject to change on any following day. 

For Sale cars, Daily Deal cars, and all other cars on, the only way to guarantee a car’s availability or pricing is through online purchase or placing a nonrefundable deposit for Sale Cars. We do not guarantee the availability of any car or pricing of any car beyond what is currently listed on the website. 

Customers may place a $250 nonrefundable deposit to reserve their Sale vehicle before or after a test drive and/or initiate an online purchase; the deposit is nonrefundable and will apply towards the purchase. 

Daily Deals operate as 24-hour limited pricing, valid only for online purchases and are not eligible for test drives prior to purchase. Daily Deal pricing on specified vehicles is only valid until midnight Pacific Time on the day on which those vehicles are listed as a Daily Deal; after that time, the Deal will end. Daily Deal vehicles are available while supplies last, on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the event that a customer wishes to see a Daily Deal vehicle in person at one of our hub(s) they are welcome to do so, granted that there is no other deposit placed on the vehicle. The customer must place a deposit on the vehicle to reserve it for their purchase and eligibility for any accompanying discounts. The first person to place a deposit on a vehicle effectively initiates the purchase process, and reserves the right to purchase that vehicle. 

For any nonrefundable deposit placed on a car during this promotion, the purchase must be completed by 12/31/2020 unless otherwise stated to receive the accompanying discount.  

Cars purchased from Shift prior to the promotion are not eligible for retroactive discounts, price adjustments, or other modifications. 

The “Everyone Loves a Holiday Sale” Sale promotion, including, but not limited to, all timing, prices, and inventory, is subject to change without notice and is subject to end at any time without notice.

For any questions, please contact customer support at : or 855-744-1445