A Token of Gratitude from Shift: a Car Giveaway

A little more than two years ago, my cofounders and I embarked on a crazy mission to change one of the worst consumer experiences out there: car buying. We ran our tiny operation from the sidewalks and parking lots of San Francisco with a firm belief in customer experience and fueled by good faith.

In 2016, more cars moved through the Shift platform than through any used car dealership in the Bay Area. With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, I cannot help but take a step back and appreciate that fact. It’s due entirely to you: our customers and community that have taken a bet on the radical idea that buying a car shouldn’t suck.

We are nowhere near mission accomplished, but the progress we’ve made since those ragtag days of yore is humbling. As a token of our gratitude, Shift is opening up our inventory and drawing a winner to pick a car of their choice (with a limit of $15k, because accountants).

Update: On December 19th, we drew the lucky winner, Giovanni C. from Santa Clarita, pictured below. Congrats!


It’s impossible to assign a value to appreciation, but hopefully it provides some insight into how grateful we are to our customers and team. Thank you to everyone who’s helped demonstrate that maybe—just maybe—our original mission isn’t so crazy after all.


George Arison