7 Unforgettable Super Bowl Commercials Over The Years

Over at Shift HQ, we’re getting our gameface on for the Super Bowl on Sunday. Football fan or not, it’s easy to get caught up in all the frenzy—from the Puppy Bowl to the halftime show to all the commercials. Whether they’re a hit or miss, Super Bowl commercials always get people talking for many days (even years!) after the big game. In fact, last year, Ad Age reported that a total of $4.5 billion has been spent on advertising within the first 50 years of the Superbowl. Let’s take a look back at some of its most memorable commercials over the years! Which ones do you still remember?

1979: Coke
This commercial for Coke, starring “Mean” Joe Greene and a young fan, made us feel all the feelings.

1984: Apple
This was the commercial that introduced Apple to the world.

1992: Nike
Before Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny teamed up in Space Jam, there was this.

2007: Late Show
Oprah and David Letterman, the OTP we never knew we needed. Until this aired.

2010: Audi
“You picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, Plastic Boy.” Audi’s Green Police has the right idea about recycling. Trade in your Audi and see how much it’s worth here or shop for great used Audis here.

2011: Volkswagen
Trust us. We know cars, and we know The Force is strong with this one.

2015: Budweiser
The one commercial that hit us right in the feels. BRB. Crying some more.

Did we miss out on any of your favorite Super Bowl commercials? Let us know in the comments below! Enjoy Game Night!