1. The Lease Buyout: Getting Out of a Car Lease

    Lease buyout

    Looking to get out of a lease? You’re not alone—buying out your car’s lease can be surprisingly unapproachable. Every car lease is different, but what they all have in common is their complexity. That’s why we talked to our Los Angeles team of lease specialists to put together an easy guide to figuring out if a buyout is right for you.

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  2. Introducing the Shift iPhone app

    shift app

    By George Arison, Shift CEO In 2011, I tried to buyout a lease on my lovely Saab. What should have been an easy task turned into a runaround between my dealer and my bank. The painful process helped me realize what now seems obvious: almost every step of buying or selling a car asks the customer to work around the process. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

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  3. 14 Car Buying Mistakes to Avoid

    Find a great car, every time

    car buying mistakes

    Buying a car is tricky business. After your house, a car purchase is likely to be the most expensive decision you make. To help you avoid the heartache of running into pitfalls, here’s how to avoid the most common car buying mistakes people make when purchasing a car.

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  4. Cars We Love: The Tesla Roadster

    Six reasons Tesla's first car still excites us

    Tesla Roadster car we love

    To own a Tesla Roadster is to invest in the future while saluting the past. Produced for only four years, the Roadster redefined not only the way we think about electric vehicles, but the way we think about supercars in general.

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  5. The Master Checklist for the Used Car Test Drive

    Never risk getting stuck with a lemon again

    Used car test drive checklist

    It’s likely that everyone will buy a used car at least once in their life. It can be an exciting, maddening, and intimidating experience. But if you do it right, it can mean the difference between a lemon and a true cherry of a ride (zing!). We here at Shift know a thing or two about used cars, and we want to pass on our test drive checklist and tips so you have the best chance of buying a great used car.

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  6. What’s My Car (Really) Worth? The Mushy, Inexact Science of Car Pricing

    The Joker may have a hard time selling this car

    A simple question with a not-so-simple answer: What, exactly, is my car worth? Though we drive everyday, most of us think about buying or selling cars far less frequently. Since the car market isn’t usually top of mind, it can be hard to think about value of your car. So in general, we reference one-size fits all car pricing guides like Kelley Blue Book to act as a stand-in for a more precise pricing picture. In a perfect world where every market, every car, and every buyer are all the same, they can be good price anchors. But one-size-fits-all car pricing guides tend not to capture every element that could affect a car’s true value. So we put together three real-world considerations that can impact car value that every buyer and seller should have in mind the next time they’re in the market.

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  7. How to Sell Your Car on Craigslist

    Sell your car

    Want to sell your car? Selling a car yourself is not only a good way to beat the dealer’s offer, it’s actually easier than you think. Shift specializes in selling your car for you, but for sellers looking to do it themselves, Craigslist is the most popular option. It attracts a large number of car shoppers and gives you the best shot of quickly selling your car. It isn’t always seamless, but if you follow these steps, you’ll avoid the typical Craigslist hassle and cash your check in no time.

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  8. 5 Used Car Mechanical Checks to Never Forget

    By Mia Bevacqua, ASE master mechanic with YourMechanic.com


    Buying a used car can be a stressful experience. After all, your car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make—second only to purchasing a home. The stress level is often compounded by a pushy salesman, doused in cologne, buzzing in your ear. Price haggling and mounds of paperwork can also make you sweat like a summer afternoon in Arizona. Distractions abound, and you can easily forget to check the basics.

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  9. Shift Engineering: How we work

    20151204 Shift 2800 Photo by Job Portraits

    One of the core tenets of the culture at Shift is personal responsibility, and that comes through in the way that we organize our engineering team. We’re a small, growing team (21 engineers as of this writing) that have come from Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and other great places to build the future of car ownership. We strive to leave code better than we found it, enjoy building tools to make the whole team more effective, and we emphasize both autonomy and accountability.

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  10. We’re Bi-Coastal! Shift DC Now Open for Business


    District of Columbia, we’ve arrived. Shift is ecstatic to announce the opening of our first East Coast branch–and we couldn’t think of a better place to kick things off than in our nation’s capital. It makes perfect sense: cars are undeniably American. Cars are what Shift does. DC is America. Shift is in DC. See what we did there? It was meant to be.

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