[Infographic] SHIFT's Global Facebook Advertising Insights Report: Q3 2014

With over 1.32 Billion monthly active users globally and commanding approximately 10% of the world’s digital ad spend, Facebook is a must-buy for any digital marketer. As Facebook continues to grow, it will be even more important for marketers to have a strong understanding of their performance. This insights report provides context around key metrics and verticals based on Q3 2014 data of SHIFT clients and also illustrates trends over the past five quarters.

The first section, Q3 Benchmark by Vertical, reveals our benchmarks. These are calculated using the average for each performance metric across the top verticals for all Q3 campaigns that were managed through SHIFT’s Facebook ads solution. Marketers may use these as a baseline to understand general results, though numerous variables affect final performance including creative, targeting, budget, initiative type, and more. While Entertainment took the lead in CTR in Q2, Auto jumped ahead in Q3 with an almost 3% CTR.

The second section, Q3 vs Q2 Percentage Change, shows a positive change in CTR as well as lower CPCs for the auto, entertainment, and telecommunication verticals. This represents an increase in the number of clicks per impression, which is an indicator that advertisers are reaching the right audience at the right time - ultimately driving higher engagement at more efficient costs.

The last section, Year over Year by Vertical, highlights broader trends from the entire year. Overall the click through trend is positive, showing strong year-over-year (YoY) growth (Q3’14/Q3’13), while costs per click have increased at a slower rate over the same period. Auto also had the strongest YoY growth with over a 900% increase in CTR.

Please note this data is based on activity transacted through SHIFT's Facebook ads solution, not based on Facebook's own data. These are SHIFT benchmarks, susceptible to client specific, product specific and campaign specific skews.

We hope you find this infographic to be a useful guide which helps provide clarity around your Facebook marketing initiatives. For additional comparison to last quarter, please read our Q2 2014 Global Facebook Advertising Insights Report here.

For any questions about the data above, or for help with your own Facebook advertising initiatives, contact us today.


[Infographic] The Digital Marketer's Guide to the 2014 MLB World Series on Twitter

Today marks the first game of the 2014 MLB World Series, between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals. Since the last World Series in 2013, Twitter’s presence has been steadily growing, and it is an increasingly popular medium for fans to use around live events such as sports. Compared to this time last year, Twitter has grown from 218 million users to 271 million. While growth continues year-over-year, there are new opportunities every day for marketers to reach their audience on Twitter and this year’s World Series presents an optimal platform to do just that. A recent study found that 37% of people use Twitter to talk about sports, and these fans are 5.6x more likely to tweet on Game Day.

In the infographic below, you’ll find everything you need to enhance your Twitter strategy around this year’s games. From MLB’s official broadcasting partners and their Twitter followers to the top Giants and Royals players on Twitter, we’ve got all of the bases covered. The MLB World Series is one of the year’s most highly anticipated sporting events, and we expect higher Twitter participation than years before. Think of our infographic as a guide to that audience that can serve as a point of reference to enhance your planned Twitter campaigns and help capitalize on real-time moments throughout the World Series. May the best team win!

If you have any questions or need help scoring a home run for your 2014 World Series Twitter campaigns, contact SHIFT - we are always happy to help.